Mission Beach Roller Coaster

Big DipperThe famous Mission Beach Roller Coaster called the Giant Dipper is located in Belmont Park on the Mission Beach boardwalk. Built in 1925 by roller coaster designers Frank Prior and Frederick Church, the Big Dipper is constructed mostly of wood. A symbol of Mission Beach, the twister type roller coaster is one of only two original oceanfront wooden roller coasters still in operation on the entire west coast. Recently restored, the Big Dipper is the focal point of Belmont Park with its curving first drop, several steep hills, and high speed sharp curves.

Belmont Park Mission Beach Belmont Park is a family friendly open air entertainment center that is part of the most popular beach in Mission Beach. With over a dozen rides, amusement park games, oceanfront restaurants, beach shops, and carnival type food vendors Belmont Park offers year round enjoyment for families.

Belmont Park is the first amusement park in the country to feature the FlowRider which is a simulated wave attraction that is ridable for those willing to give it a shot. Belmont Park also has the historic 1925 Plunge, which is Southern California's llargest indoor public swimming pool.

The Big Dipper Roller Coaster had its first ride on July 4, 1925 and continued in operations until December 1976. The coaster was about to be demolished but was saved when it was designated a National Historic Landmark. 14 years later on August 11, 1990 the Save the Coaster Committee gained enough support and resources to restore the Big Dipper to its operating glory.

Belmont Park Roller Coaster70 feet tall
62 foot drop
45 mph top speed
2,600 feet long
2 trains holding 24 passenger each. Each train has six cards with two rows, and each row holds two passengers.
Train manufacturer was Morgan Manufacturing

3146 Mission Boulevard
San Diego, CA 92109
(858) 488-1549
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